Available Ring Slings for Sale!

Each sling is handsewn and includes a front pocket with Velcro tab, unless otherwise noted. Email me for up-to-date availability! Kara_713@yahoo.com

Rainbow Batik $55

Brown/Pink Batik $55

Blue Batik $55

Brown Batik $55

Black Textured $50

Gray $40

White Mesh (no front pocket) $35 – Great for in the pool, at the beach, or just another Arizona summer day! Breathable and lightweight.


The suspense is building…

Today I was playing around with some scraps of material I had left from making my slings, and decided I wanted to put something together that I could hold my coupons in. I have tried using a small accordian folder, but even that was just too big and bulky for my liking, and didn’t really have all the features I was looking for. I have a tendency to go into the store orgainzed, with each store grouping clipped together with a paper clip, and the leave the store with all the leftover coupons a mess stuffed into my purse.

After much trial and error today, thus emerged…

The Coupon Clutch!™

Carter's not sure what to make of it... but it sure tastes good! 🙂

That’s right, I discovered the perfect way to carry my coupons and keep them organized while I’m shopping, and when I leave the store. Tired of forgetting which coupons to use at checkout? Sick of getting dirty looks from the cashier or the people in line behind you? Have no fear! Some of the awesome features are: 

Two pockets, opening in the center so that they don't fall out.

Bottom pocket has two sections to keep coupons separated.

Front holds all the coupons that I am bringing into the store.

Back holds the coupons that I decide not to use (or if the product is not available, or not on sale.) Pretty much this is where I put the coupons that need to be refiled once I get home.

Top section holds the coupons that I am going to use on this trip, in one convenient place so when I go to pay I am not fumbling through the whole stack.

Features a place to store my paper clips after I unclip them from the bottom front pocket. Once I get into a store and start rifling through the coupons, I take the paper clip off and it normally ends up at the bottom of my purse.

Conveniently closes with velcro so that nothing falls out!

I’ll let you all know how it works…