Purex with Oxi – Free detergent!

Purex plus OxiPurex provided me with a sample of Purex plus Oxi so I could review it. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

Having a two year old in the house has its challenges… especially when it comes to keeping him clean. There are days I look at him after a full day of fun and play and wonder how the heck he got that dirty… and then I remember he’s 2! 😛 I usually will use my regular Purex and add Oxi to it (I also use Oxi for my cloth diapers so I have it in bulk!) so when Purex sent me the Purex plus Oxi, I thought it was the best of both worlds. It’s great because it gets everything just as clean as using both separately, and so much more convenient. I have used it after races (ground in mud/dirt), after playing in the grass (grass stains, one occasion of dog poop – yuck! ) and daycare everyday use and everything comes out completely clean.

Check out the Purex plus Oxi page for more info!

I would recommend it to anyone… and on that note… a contest!

The first three people to share this blog post get coupon for a free bottle of Purex plus Oxi! 🙂


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