School Supplies Week 2

Some good deals this week…



Again I did some price matching while I was at Staples. They had the index cards, pencils and highlighters for 1¢ ea (with $5 minimum purchase, limit 2); Also have the pens on FREE after rebate ($4.00) and dividers for 50¢ ea, so I got those 3 which brought me above the minimum. I price matched the composition notebooks from Walmart (40¢ ea) and the filler paper from Office Max (1¢ ea with minimum $5 purchase, limit 2)






Stopped at Walgreens on the way home to pick up a couple of their good school deals… Folders and single highlighters are 9¢ each (limit 6 each, but that may be a store by store basis since the ad said limit 4) and 10 ct pencils for 19¢ ea (no limit that I could tell). Hmmm I wonder who the folders are for? GO VIKES! 😉

Will probably stop at Office Max in the next couple days and get some more filler paper… 🙂


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