$2.62 + tax – School Supplies Sales are here!

School supply sales are back! This week almost all major ads had them listed… Staples, Office Max, Target, Walmart… but not CVS, disappointingly… I am on a mission to get the Gryskie kids their school supplies while they are in Indiana (so they don’t have to ship anything back here) AND I still collect for the school supply drive we do every year to benefit the Sunshine Acres Orphanage in Mesa.

Staples and Office Max


Right now Staples has 1¢ 12/pk cap erasers (reg price $1.29, limit 2), 8/pk Bic pens (reg price $1.99, limit 2), and glue (reg price 75¢, limit 2). Fine print: with minimum $5 purchase. They also have 25¢ folders (reg price 99¢, limit 2), stickies (reg price $3.00, limit 2), BIC mechanical pencils (reg price $1.49, limit 2), slider pencil cases (reg price $1, limit 2) and ream of paper (paper is after Easy Rebate; reg price $5.99, limit 2 per household). In order to get the above the minimum I got the ream of paper since it was $5.99 before rebate. I usually get my ink free there after recycling old ink cartridges, so I know how the rebates work. They also have photo paper for $1 after rebate, but I have stocked up on that from them since it’s a normal rebate sale. I also splurged on glue sticks, they were 4/pk for $1 (reg price $1.50, limit 2) since 25¢ per stick isn’t that bad of a price. I am sure they will have some better sales in the upcoming weeks on those…

After Staples I went to Office Max to get their sales: 1¢ pocket folders (reg price 25¢, limit 5), pencil sharpeners (reg price 25¢, limit 5) and ream of paper (reg price $5.99, after MaxPerks rebate, limit 2). Fine print: minimum $5.00 purchase. Again, got the paper to get myself above $5. They also have a $5 off of $25 coupon in the ad that is valid for all regular, sale and clearance priced items.

BUT the gem of the day, was I remembered while I was at Office Max that they do price matching… I happened to have my Staples ad with me, so I got additional glue, pens and erasers (NO LIMIT! That may have just been the cashier…) from there. They didn’t have the 12/pk of cap erasers so the guy gave me the 25/pk ones for “double the price”. Yes, that’s 2¢ each.

I will let you know what else I stumble upon in the upcoming weeks… 🙂 Happy saving!


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  1. Kitt
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 19:41:30

    WHOOO HOOO!!!!! I was hoping you saw the ads this week, I knew you would, but it’s hard not to run out here and get the stuff we need. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all your doing for us we really appreciate it!!! YEAH School sales!!!!


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