It’s Garden Time!

I finally got around to planting my backyard garden (well, half of it anyways, the other half needs some hard work and it started to get hot out…) Here’s how it looked before we started:


 Ben had offered to help me clear out the weeds (thanks husband!) so he weed-wacked away and got it down to a workable form for me.

Then I figured out what I wanted to plant and where… I decided not to do anything with vines that would overtake the garden to see if other stuff could grow. I ended up with Sunflowers, Strawberries (survived from last year), green beans, carrots, and corn. I still have 2 tomato plants that I am going to put in probably tomorrow morning (if they are still alive… I’ve had them in a sink and watering them for about 2 weeks now. Pepper plant already bit the dust.) I might end up doing the viney stuff in a garden of their own. We’ll see…

Carter in the meantime was enjoying playing on the patio. He loves being outdoors! Oh yeah and he’s starting to “scoot” when he’s on his tummy now… it’s only a matter of time!… 🙂


Anyone else have a garden? What are you growing?


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