Klippin’ with Kara Part 1: Finding Coupons

I know, what a cheesy title… but I am a cheeseball so I guess it fits!

People often ask me where I get all my coupons. They mention they don’t want to have to run to the store and buy a paper or have it delivered every Sunday. To be honest, most of my coupons aren’t even from the paper!

Where to Find Coupons

1. Newspaper – good ol’ tried and true newspaper. I happen to get mine delivered every Sunday to my house. If there are ever reaaaaally good coupons or if there are more than 3 inserts any particular week, I may go and buy a second paper from the store. But I rarely do that since I have a lot of friends and family who pass on the coupon inserts that they don’t use.

2. Online – There are a LOT of online sites now that give you the option to print coupons. Besides each product website (like Pillsbury, Arm & Hammer, etc.), there are general sites where you can install the “coupon printer” and then be able to print 2 coupons per computer.

3. Digital Coupons – You can visit online sites which allow you to load digital versions of the coupons onto your member cards and get savings that can be STACKED with manufacturer printed coupons. These are attached to Fry’s and Safeway.

4. Magazines – I have a subscription to All You Magazine, which can also be purchased exclusively at Walmart. There is a list of all the coupons on the index page of each month for a quick reference. You can also find coupons and discount codes in Better Homes and Gardens, and most Parenting-type magazines. There are great Amazon.com coupons out there (like 20% off your entire purchase or $10 off $10 purchase, etc.)

5. Grocery Stores – Most grocery stores have exclusive coupon books in which there are both store coupons and manufacturer coupons. I know Fry’s occasionally also accepts competitor’s coupons so you could use Safeway, Fresh & Easy, etc. coupons at Fry’s.

6. Mailers – Every so often I’ll get the ValuePak of coupons in the mail. I used to just throw them out since they were mainly for like carpet cleaning and duct cleaning, but I happened to open one a couple months ago and found restaurant discount codes (like Buy one entree, get a second entree free!). Here we come, date night! Also, I have signed up for PG Solutions mailer and Vocalpoint mailer. They occasionally send free samples of products and ask your opinions. The more opinions you submit, the more likely they are to send you free products… I also get $10 off $20 coupons from Office Max, which I will use at Staples since Staples accepts competitor’s coupons (helps when I get my free ink… more on that soon!)


7. Email Newsletters – Over the past couple years I have signed up for lots of different websites newsletters. I set up an email specifically for those kinds of things so it doesn’t clog my regular email. I regularily get great printable coupons sent right to my email!

8. Local Businesses – I also will pick up coupon and coupon books from local businesses. For example, my dentist had a stack of coupons for toothbrushes, so when I went in for a cleaning they gave me a bunch. And they were  higher value ($2.50 off) than you normally find.

9. Facebook – Not a surprise, a lot of companies are now going to social sites… “Like” their pages and be first in line for coupons and giveaways.

10. Rewards Programs – Sign up for store Rewards programs and they usually send you coupons either via email or snail mail. I am signed up with Babies R Us, CVS, Staples and Office Max, Fry’s and all the grocery stores, Michael’s Rewards, pretty much every store that offers one. Check around the cashier when you are leaving a store for information or to see if that store has a rewards program.

Where to Find Coupon Match-Ups

I have heard great things about CouponSense from several of my friends. Although it is great because they list pretty much every match up in the world, I don’t use it though (besides having to pay for the service) because I like to browse the blogs and find deals myself. The three blogs I visit on a daily basis are:

I’ve found that where some of the deals they post are repeats, there is a good variety also since they are all located in different parts of the country. I also occasionally visit:

There are probably more ways to find coupons out there, but in general all of these versions listed will help you get a healthy stash of coupons together!

Next time: Part 2: Organizing your coupons


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tori
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 15:33:50

    Thanks for sharing these sites, Kara. I recently stopped using Coupon Sense, so it helps to have some good online resources to save time!


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