Small Successes Thursday!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I haven’t quite kept up on the successes… but I’m trying to stay on top of it!

1.  Doggie sat Pia for Jason and Joanna (technically I am STILL doing this, but whatever). After only 2 days I had her potty trained and using the doggie door. HUGE SUCCESSES!!! 🙂 


2. Finished painting the baby’s room… okay so that really wasn’t MY success, it was really Ben’s but two become one, right? Also figured out what we want to do with the closet… my FIL is building it for us. Aren’t we lucky!?!

"Tiger Stripe Orange"


"The Closet"... found the canvas drawers at Target. So cute!

3. Turned and watered my compost… again, Ben helped…

4. Picked up our new lazy boy! Okay, again, Ben did that… there seems to be a theme this week… maybe I’m a better delagator? ha ha

5. Did laundry! Yes I did it, not Ben…

6. Made Banana bread

7. Went grocery shopping and got smokin’ deals on produce!

What were your small successes this week?

Goals for next week: Fix shelf, which fell 😦 and clean the house….. 


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