Super Savings Saturday!

I planned my trip to Fry’s and Basha’s, and since we didn’t need a lot of meat this week, just mainly fruits and snacks and staples, I gave myself a $20 grocery budget instead of the usual $50. Perused the ads, clipped my coupons, loaded my e-coupons on Shortcuts, Cellfire, P&G and Fry’s, and I was off!

Super Savings at Fry's and Basha's

I knew Fry’s was having their Mega Saver this week, so I really planned ahead of time what I was going to buy (in groups of 10) and made a detailed list. I get so frustrated when I go with an idea… and then have to figure out while I’m in the store if I’ve hit my 10, etc. So I’ve started to really try to stick to my list. And surprisingly, I did and everything was in stock so I didn’t have to do any major substitutions!


Transaction #1

7 Vitamin Waters (49¢ sale + coupons made them FREE)
2 Boxes of Granola Bars ($1.77 sale + coupons made them $1.27 ea)
2 Cans of veggies ($1.39 reg price = coupons made them FREE)
4 Wishbone Dressings ($1.49 sale + coupons made them 75¢ ea)
12 Yoplait Yogurt Cups (50¢ sale + coupons and ecoupons made them 27¢ ea)
1 Sour Cream tub ($1 sale)
4 Quaker Mini Rice Cakes (49¢ sale)
2.76 lbs of Bananas (49¢/lb)
4 Blueberries ($1 sale)
1 Bounty Paper Towel ($1.19 reg price + coupons made it 19¢)
2 Softsoap Hand Soaps ($1 sale + coupons made them FREE)
2 Ivory Body Washes ($1 sale + coupons and e-coupon made them FREE + 50¢ money maker)
6 Crest Toothpastes (1 sale + coupons made them FREE)
1 Suave Deoderant ($1 sale + coupon made it FREE)
Retail pricing: $98.53
Sale pricing: -$59.32
Coupons (everything is currently $1 off, had 2 “free” item coupons, and they are accepting competitor’s coupons so in addition I used a $3 off $30 Fresh and Easy coupon): -$25.01
Brought my own bags: -5¢
Subtotal #1: $14.00

Here is a picture of everything I got for FREE after coupons (well 19¢ for the paper towels but after the $3 F&E coupon and the 50¢ I made on the body wash I consider it free):

Everything I got for FREE (didn't have to pay any tax either)

Transaction #2

 6 1 Subject notebooks (15¢ sale)
Retail pricing: $7.82
Sale pricing: -$6.84
Subtotal #2:  98¢


2 Eggs (69¢ sale)
3 Strawberries (99¢ sale)
Retail pricing: $11.55
Sale pricing: -$7.20
Subtotal #3: $4.30
Total spent out of pocket: $19.28 (including tax) !!!!! That’s a savings of  84% !!!!!



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