Another Small Successes Thursday!

1. Made a HUGE dent in the front guest room… cleaned it out, moved some shelves, got rid of a bunch of stuff, organized, you name it…

2. Ben and I went on a date night, something we always plan on doing but never really DO… went to the D-Backs game on Saturday and ended up on the Jumbo Tron! Yay! Although it was my brilliant idea to ride the Lightrail so we didn’t have to deal with parking, but it ended up costing us more and taking way longer than if we had just driven down and parked… and I got train sick, never good… Note to self: don’t take the Lightrail anymore…

3. We also started our registries at Babies R Us and Target… I have to say it was too much fun… I’m kind of addicted…

What are your small successes this week?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tori
    Jul 08, 2010 @ 17:50:21

    The registry is so much fun! I started mine online, and totally didn’t pay attention to whether the items were available in the store or not. So that made some things a little hard for people to find. Just something to keep in mind if you do yours online as well.

    Makes me realize that I used to have a lot more time to research and plan before kids, hehe 🙂


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