Small Successes Thursday!


1. Did my Prenatal Pilates DVD 3 times this week as I planned.
2. Wrote up a dinner plan for the week and so far have (almost) stuck to it, had one night glitch where we were supposed to make homemade pizza but SOMEBODY ate all of the pepperoni and didn’t tell me OR replace it… and it wasn’t the dog… so we opted for Breakfast for Dinner instead.
3. Started my registries at Babies R Us and Target… it’s so much fun, I think I’m addicted already!!!!

What are your Small Successes this week?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tori
    Jul 08, 2010 @ 17:48:28

    I was totally going to comment on this last week, not sure how I missed it! Great job sticking to your meal plan. I’ve found that being a little flexible with it helps, so it’s okay if you miss a day. That just means that you have a meal for next week! If you get more pepperoni… 🙂


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