What’s blooming around the Hutchy residence…

Garden updates! I was looking at my garden this morning (as I do every morning) and suddenly noticed that there are tomatoes growing and some buds on the zucchini and cucumber! What?!?! How did I miss those these last few days!?!?

And this one’s for Kitt… look what else is blooming in our house!

Baby Hutchy

Okay, seriously!? I look huge in this picture… I’m pretty sure the camera is adding on like 15 lbs and 2 inches out. Must be the angle… I don’t FEEL that big! Is that normal at almost 18 weeks?

I also think it’s funny that in the morning, my stomach is a lot flatter… as the day progresses it starts to stick out more and more… it’s like she (that’s “she” since I don’t like saying “it”) wakes up and starts kicking things around!

I do feel “her” around 2 pm every day and before I go to bed. I can’t wait until Ben is able to feel her moving! 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tori
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 19:15:27

    Feeling movement is so incredible! Glad you get to experience it 🙂


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