Walgreens and Target Deals 2-12-10

Target Trips

The card games were not on sale (regular price $5.54 – $6.99) but there were some high dollar coupons on Coupons.com ($4 – $5 off) so they came out to 24¢ – $2.99 ea. I got these because we always buy games for the Christmas Adopt-a-Families and I haven’t found them under a few bucks, so these were great deals for that! Also good stocking or Easter basket stuffers!

Lightbulbs were on sale, regularily $5.99 ea, and I had manu coups stacked with Target coups to make these 59¢ and 14¢

Batteries on sale plus coupons stacked with Target coupons, under $4 for a 10 pack

Lighter was in the dollar section

SO Regular price $94.69
Sales -$9.75
Coupons -$62.55
Paid $22.39 + tax oop… Save 77%!

Walgreens Deals

Did 2 transactions, used some of the RR from transaction 1 to pay for transaction 2

Regular pricing: $147.90
Sales -$34.99
Coupons -$77.27
Paid $35.64 + tax oop and still have $14.50 in RR to use for future purchases!

(P.S. The diapers aren’t for us, got them for a friend…) 😉


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