Fry’s trip 1-29-10

Trying to squeeze one last grocery trip before end of the month coupons expire…

Fry's Trip

So I’m not as good at grocery shopping as I am CVS and Walgreens, I am still trying to figure out what good pricing is on food. BUT I think I did pretty good here…

$148.57 retail pricing
– $72.55 sales and Buy10 deals
-$21.90 coupons
$54.12 after coupons (saved 64%!) AND I got a $2 catalina (coupon for next purchase) back from the water!

And if you would take off the Natty Lights that Benjamin made me buy for his camping this weekend, it would have been only $45.13, after subtracting from the retail and then the sale pricing, would have been a savings total of 68%!

My favorite “surprise” deal was the Pre-packaged Buy One Get One Free hot sauces I found on an end aisle

25¢ Hot Sauce!

on sale for $1.19 after the B10 deals, + had a coupon for 35¢ (70¢ after doubled) off… so each bottle was only 25¢!


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