Day 9

Almost at the finish line………lost another 1/2 lb, so 12 lbs total. I have noticed that my stomach is a lot flatter, I’m assuming because the stuff that’s been pushing it out is gone (not because I’ve been doing crunches or anything…)

I’ve been craving food a lot the last couple days – dreaming about what my first dinner will be (Olive Garden Tour of Italy, split with Ben, bottomless salad and a glass of wine); or my first lunch (stuffed baked potato from the Barbecue Company); or my first dessert (Milky Way bar that’s been sitting on top of the microwave tempting me). I almost cheated yesterday when Ben walked in with Taco Bell and a large Dr. Pepper (thanks honey), but then I realized that I only have 2 MORE DAYS (1 MORE after today) and I can stick to it! It will make victory that much sweeter!


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