Day 6

I’m officially in the double digits! Lost another pound last night, I’m up to 10 lbs lost. I played volleyball last night, and noticed I was really jumping because I couldn’t get in sync with the ball! I guess that’s what happens when you let go of the 10 pound weight you’re holding…

Tonight threw me for a loop… I was doing good all day, I actually got super busy in the afternoon at work so I didn’t get to drink all my drinks (I’ll have to make up for it tonight) but then I told Ben I would make him dinner… and man that sure smelled good… I was considering going longer than 10 days (see what happens from day 1 to now!) but I don’t think I will be able to. I miss my food too much! 🙂

I found a link to the book by Stanley Burroughs, who “invented” this cleanse:


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