Day 4

Lost another pound, that brings me up to 8. I feel good today, I’m getting into the groove of making a drink when I start to feel hungry so I haven’t really been “hungry” today. I had really bad cotton mouth yesterday so I emailed Dr. Reed, he said that’s normal, means the toxins are eliminating or whatever, and that means it’s working… had it again today, I also started breaking out a little on my face. My tongue is white (DR said that might happen), I was gonna post a picture but… um… it just looks gross 😉 Almost halfway done!

We had a birthday party for Donna at work, usually I’m the one who finishes what everyone else doesn’t eat, but I stuck to my guns (although I did take 2 pieces of pie and throw them in the freezer for a rainy day…). I think my stomach is probably shrinking, which is good!


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