The Master Cleanse

After being constantly sick these last 8 months with one ailment or another (nothing serious, just the usual sinus/allergy stuff), I decided to try a Master Cleanse that my chiropractor (Dr. David Reed, awesome guy and doctor)  suggested. I started on Saturday night, and it has so far been an emotional roller coaster. It really is a mind over manner thing and I hope I am able to get through it…

Smooth Move

Night before Day 1 (Saturday, 10/31):
Drank Smooth Move Tea before I went to bed, not too bad tasting but definately a little more bitter than I’m used to (I like to sugar my tea up…) Weighed myself before I went to bed.

Day 1 (Sunday, 11/1):
Went to church first thing in the morning, about 3/4 way through felt the tea start…um… “working”. Got home in time ;). Drank 32 ounces of salt water, that was the hardest part so far. I gagged every time I had to swallow it. That’s just not natural. 😦  BUT I drank the whole thing. It says that you should have an “intense cleansing” within 1-2 hours… um, try like 20 minutes for me…

Vibrant Cleanse

After that I started drinking the Lemonade concoction every couple hours, whenever I started to feel hungry. I went with Vibrant Cleanse, which is in a powdered form. Very convenient. Not too bad tasting. I ended up drinking it 6 times on Sunday. I got a migraine around 7 pm though so went to bed early.

Emotionally, I went from “Yay, I can do this! 10 days is not that bad… it’s not even 2 weeks…” in the morning to “Hmmm… 10 days actually is a long time, I will shoot for 5. That way I get through one jar of the powder…” to “There’s no way I am making it past 3 days. I will shoot for that” by the time I went to bed.

Day 2 (Monday 11/2, today):
Woke up feeling better, headache was gone, hunger pains were mostly gone. Got to work, made my first drink, everything’s great. I can do this for 10 days! Got some helpful advice and support from co-workers and some not so helpful criticism from other co-workers. To each his own, I guess. All I have to say is, if you don’t believe in it or think it sounds “crazy”, then don’t do it. But you don’t have to criticize others for something you haven’t done any research on and know nothing about. Period. Off soapbox. 🙂

I am trying to do 3 drinks in the morning, 3 in the afternoon and then 2 when I get home from work and before I go to bed. So far, it’s been easy to follow. Have to ignore the hunger pains though. I think I can I think I can I think I can!

UPDATE: Here is a link to the book:


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