Rat Poison

So Cycra got into some rat poison a couple weeks ago. We had to drive to Youngtown, AZ to get her some liquid Vitamin D, which is supposed to help dilute the poison. We give it to her twice a day with her meals.

We’ve been watching her and she seems fine but lately I’ve notices she doesn’t have the same energy she did before. (Could be all in my head as well). We took her in for tests on Tuesday and the vet said that one of her counts was low (as would be one of the side effects of the poison) but the rest looked okay so she didn’t seem too worried. We have to take her in every week for a month so they can moniter her blood. Rat poison takes anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks to show itself and goes through your bloodstream, takes away the ability to clot. That’s how they kill rats I guess. Anywhoo hopefully she’ll be okay!


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