Sunbathing Sunday

This weekend was productive for us (and busy for Cycra!)

I’ve been so busy getting geared up for the 2009 season for AMRA ( in which I organize pretty much everything behind the scenes, so I really needed a day off. The three of us decided to go Tucson on Saturday to hang out with some of our friends and watch the Cardinals game. Ben went riding at about 10 which means me and Cycra had a day to spend in Tucson at my friend’s house, who has 2 kids and a dog of her own. Now that can sometimes be a drag, especially in a town you aren’t familiar with, so I brought my book and computer just in case I got the bug to do some work, and my camera and studio equipment as I have a pregnant friend down there who thought she might want to do some pregnancy portraits. My friend Trea was cleaning her house and to be honest freaking out a little bit with Cycra, who is so full of energy and seemed to find it appropriate to jump in their (freezing) pool and shake by the windows that Trea had just washed… I got ahold of my friend for the pics, so I took Cycra to her house to play with her two dogs. After that, Ben and Adam got back from riding and so I passed the ‘kid’ off to Ben for a while. By the end of the night she was exhausted, so we headed home after halftime.

Sunday Cycra was pretty mellow. After church I came home and in the spirit of “relaxing” again grabbed my book and headed to our new back porch to read. I brought out Cycra’s bed for her to lay on, but instead she decided she wanted to get some sun.


My little sunbathing princess

My little sunbathing princess


After about an hour I got a bug to clean the bathroom and bedroom, If you know me, you know that doesn’t happen very often so I had to capitalize on it right away. Our house in all is a STY with all the dust from the construction. In the meantime the vaccuum broke. Yay.

Ben was at the track so when he got home we had to run to Home Depot (our second home for the last, oh, 6 months) and get some more projects for him to complete, then to Wally world to buy a new vaccuum.

I’ll let Ben blog a little about his experience with the home remodel. To see our home improvement pics check out the website:


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